HPI - The original and the best

HPI have been checking the histories of used cars since 1938. We were the first to introduce this invaluable service and our many years of experience in the industry means that out HPI Check service represents the very best in vehicle history checks.

Historic beginnings

HPI was formed in 1938. When the fraudulent re-financing of motorcars was becoming a real problem, the six main lenders gathered data on their hire purchase agreements, to ensure that people couldn't repeatedly use their cars as security for multiple loans.

Why HPI is important

HPI's role in the second-hand car market is crucial. It provides private car buyers, car dealers, finance houses, and the insurance industry with access to information on all UK registered vehicles.

Our products not only help in the fight against vehicle fraud, they can also protect our clients in many different ways.

The HPI Check allows users to check for outstanding finance, write off information and whether a vehicle has been registered as stolen. This protects dealers and the public from buying vehicles that are either unsafe or that they will never rightfully own. HPI Checks come with a consumer warranty and a variety of different levels of warranty cover for established motor dealers.

HPI is also able to provide registered dealer customers with an NMR Investigations service, where previous keepers are contacted to verify mileages on a vehicle, can demonstrate that a dealer has met their duty of care under the Consumer Protection Regulations and the Sale of Goods Act. This service is not available to the public.

Working with the Industry to drive policy

HPI takes its position as the oldest vehicle check provider very seriously. We aim to lead by example and to set the standards for best practice.

To do this we work with government agencies, including the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, (BIS formally the DTi), the Home Office and the Department for Transport as well as with agencies like the Office of Fair Trading, the ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, the DVLA and the DVA in Northern Ireland, Trading standards and trade associations including the SMMT, BVRLA, RMI and FLA, to name just four.

The way forward

HPI is continually looking for ways to support the Automotive Industry. We are continually identifying new ways to help our clients to carry out their businesses more accurately, more efficiently and more profitably.

This means embracing new technologies as they become available in ways that are relevant and work for our clients.

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