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12 Reasons to Choose Ventur Auto Imports

12 Reasons to Choose Ventur Auto Imports

Ventur Auto Imports is a one-stop-shop to find your ideal car: be it for daily or commercial purposes. But you needn’t take our word for it, in the past few years numerous customers have been extremely satisfied with the services we offered them. So you’re probably wondering why people opt for our company. Well we don’t have one or two reasons, but 12 reasons why you should choose Ventur Auto Imports as your trusted auto dealer.

1. Our stock is easily accessible and can be searched online

Simply search online in the comfort of your own home, with up to 200 cars in stock. We make sure to update our site on a daily basis, so that whatever is viewed is actually available. Alternatively, you can come view our great range of cars by simply visiting one of our showrooms. We have vehicles to suit every budget complemented with a consistent and specialised service.

2. We have flexible options to purchase your car

Come and tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll certainly find something that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We import all the best U.K and Japan models, so we’re sure you’ll find a car that fits both your personality and day-to-day demands.

3. You can put your mind at rest

Unlike buying a second-hand car directly from an owner, we sell all imported cars with a guarantee. So, when you purchase a car from us, you can have complete peace of mind!

4. Your car will have the required certification

All cars imported and sold by us are all mileage certified and come with a Jevic certificate to further authenticate validity. It’s good to know that Transport Malta decrees that vehicles are required to have their odometer inspected and verified by JEVIC prior to export.

So, what does the JEVIC Odometer Inspection involve? Basically it entails both physical inspection and documentation checks. Each vehicle that has finished an inspection, with the odometer tested, will be issued with a Certificate of Inspection. This certificate is then provided to the client submitting the vehicle for inspection.

5. You can even part exchange your car

Want to get rid of your old car and get a newer one? Don’t fret, because we’ve got you covered! All you have to do is bring the car you want to part exchange to our showroom and we’ll provide you with a valuation there and then.

6. We’ll do the spadework for you

With as many as 200 quality cars to choose from, we strive to have the best prices on the market. If the car you had your heart set on isn’t in stock, we will gladly import it for you according to your desired specifications.

7. We’re not just any other auto dealer

Ventur is different. Our exclusive business model makes sure to work harder for you, because as our customer, you matter. We guarantee the best after-sales service on the island and we take pride in offering the best customer service and satisfaction. Buying a car from us means you’ll experience our exceptional quality, including delivery of your car in the best presentable condition imaginable.

8. We have competitive prices

We make sure to offer prices that are very competitive. Moreover, the finance packages we have are designed for your specific situations. We even have a transparent scorecard rating system to confirm that you’ll be getting the best deal.

9. We offer an extensive range of vehicles

We have all types of vehicles, from hatchback and family cars, cabrios, luxury cars, SUVs, commercial vans, pickup trucks and construction machinery. All vehicles are carefully chosen and brought to you safely before being sold at competitive prices.

10. Do you want to part exchange or sell your car?

We’re committed to giving you the best market price for your vehicle instantaneously! Just come with your car and logbook and we can discuss a deal that will allow you to get your desired figure for the car you’ll be waving goodbye to.

11. Finance made easy

We understand that the looming worry of expenses may be stressful. This is why we offer an easy finance solution that will save you money in the long run! With no hidden charges and an interest rate, it really cannot get any better than that. Upon payment of the first deposit, the balance can be settled over a 2-year period.

12. We have a wide range of renowned brands

We’re a one-stop auto dealer shop with all the popular brands under one roof! We import renowned car brands such as Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Suzuki, Mazda, Alfa, Ford, Fiat, Nissan and many more!

Having been in this industry for five decades, we are an auto dealer and imports company that certainly know what it means to own a vehicle that isn’t in great, but excellent condition! Our website is set up in such a way that gives our loyal as well as potential clientele an interactive journey of our new and used inventory.