Import Risk Free Service

Import Risk Free Service

Our “Import Risk-Free Service’ has been specifically designed to accomodate our clients’ preferences and needs to ‘feel right’ about a new vehicle purchase. Should the perfect vehicle not be found from our available stock at our showroom, our sales team will consult you in ordering the best vehicle which fulfills your criteria

Once the desired vehicle is chosen (by you or with the help of our sales team), a mechanic is sent to inspect and audit the vehicle for any faults, damages and rust. The accident history is also inspected. Should the vehicle fail to pass any of the aforementioned tests, our sales team shall inform you of this and the vehicle will not be purchased. An alternative vehicle will be found by our sales team and the above process is reperformed for the new vehicle.

Alternatively if the vehicle passes all of the tests performed and is approved by our mechanic, you shall be informed accordingly and the vehicle is purchased and secured. It is thereafter loaded on a transporter (hence, the vehicle is not driven)

An approximate of 3 weeks are required for the vehicle to arrive in Malta whereby you are able to schedule a test drive and get it checked by mechanics /panel beaters / sprayers of your choice. It is imperative to note that up until this point, you are still not required to give any deposit and you are still under NO obligation to purchase the vehicle.

Additionally, all our vehicles are HPI and JEVIC inspected and genuine mileage is also ensured. Moreover, a minimum of one-year warranty is granted on every imported vehicle.

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