Who is JEVIC?

Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co Ltd (JEVIC) is a Japanese registered company and has been involved in pre-shipment inspections / certification of used vehicles in various forms since 2001. JEVIC has an intimate knowledge of the motor vehicle inspection business, the motor vehicle industry, and the skills required to deliver a high quality and efficient service.

JEVIC is an independent organization with first class facilities, strategically located throughout the major ports of Japan, in Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay) Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe. Branch offices include New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, South Africa and Kenya.

Inspections and services offered by JEVIC include;

  • Biosecurity and NZMAF / NZTA pre-shipment inspections
  • Comprehensive consulting services
  • Export Certification
  • IT solutions - vehicle surveys, yard management systems and vehicle tracking utilizing the latest in IC/RFID technology.
  • Odometer verifications
  • Replacement documentation
  • Stolen vehicle checks
  • Structural damage inspections
  • Translations
  • Vehicle background checks


To be the world leader in pre-shipment inspections

Mission Statement

JEVIC are Pre-Shipment Inspection Specialists and believe keeping risks what ever they maybe (biosecurity, safety, structural damage etc) at the country of origin. We are not only protecting international trade, bio-diversity, and safety standards but also increasing the value of our clients products. We maintain independence in everything we do so our clients can be assured of quality.

Policy Statement

To achieve the highest standard of product quality and customer service.Our Quality System serves to communicate expectations, establish controls and foster a culture committed to excellence in everything we do.The management of JEVIC is firmly committed to a quality process that serves our customers and helps maintain our position as a leader in pre-shipment inspections. Through teamwork and the participation of all employees and subsidiaries, we will provide superior services which consistently meet or exceed our customer`s expectations.


Independence, Accountability, Honesty and Integrity are the building blocks of JEVIC. We will invest in our staff to ensure we foster a culture that promotes these values. 

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